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Issue Year: 2007
Date: Autumn
Volume: 9
Number: 2
Pages: 64-80

Author: N. Rao (Albania)
Address: N. Rao

University of New York Tirana, Albania

There are several packages for 3D graphics in Java that have come up in the past decade with varying degrees of success. This paper does a survey of not only the features of these tools, but also about their importance and the future prospects of Java based graphics tools. There are powerful graphics libraries such as OpenGL for 3D graphics applications on standalone systems, but there remains a prevalent need for a 3D graphics library aimed at Internet based graphics applications. This has led to a lot of Java based libraries being developed. Some of these tools have become quite popular and some of them have become obscure considering the demands of technology such as band width and complexity. This presents the need for a general comparative survey of some of these tools which are likely to play a major role in the future. It gives a brief description of why some tools have become quite popular. Also we will take a look at the compatibility of these tools with community developed Linux Operating Systems such as Ubuntu, in particular.

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