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Issue Year: 2004
Date: Autumn
Volume: 6
Number: 2
Pages: 100-109

Author: Alexei Sourin
Address: Alexei Sourin Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Virtual Campus is a shared virtual model of Nanyang Technological University. It is a great place for electronic education and fun, research and games, meeting new friends, and immersion in campus life. It can be accessed from any Internet connected computer running MS Windows. In this place you can be anything: choose a fancy look, or turn yourself into a sports car, spooky creature, insect, or sparkling cloud. Everything is possible in this cyberworld. You may wander around or fly, go to offices or student hostels, attend electronic lectures, or just chat with other visitors or robots. One of the places of the Virtual Campus is Collaborative Shape Modeling Hands-On Experience. Being a part of the computer graphics course, it teaches students how 3D shapes and their colors can be easily defined with parametric and implicit functions.

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