Open Modular Interactive Mapping Technology
for Visualization of Geophysical Data on the Internet


4. Applications

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In Fig. 15 the specified task is to visualize short-term distortions of the Earth�s electro-magnetic field during magnetic storm event using the MapApplet add-in module contour. These field distortions are calculated on a regular grid with one-minute time step. The DTO with the field values is exported from the Space Weather Reanalysis database web-service and loaded by the MapApplet during initialization.

On the HTML page we have a special control panel for the field animation. After a button on the control panel is pushed, the JavaScript function will call the corresponding MapApplet function to redraw the contour lines. The following textual information is shown on the map by the MapApplet: minimal and maximal field values, time stamp and step interval. Time delay between video frames is set in the MapApplet tag.

Figure 15. Short-term distortions of the Earth�s electro-magnetic field during a magnetic storm
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