Business Information

The section "Business Information" continues to publish information about latest hard/soft-ware developments in computer graphics and geometry applications.

New AUTODESK Products:

AutoCAD 2005

"Creating a single drawing as efficiently as possible is important. Delivering an entire set of coordinated drawings is crucial. With AutoCAD® 2005 software you can do both. Productivity features like table objects and enhanced tool palettes simplify drafting tasks. And the new Sheet Set Manager helps you create, manage, and share entire sheet sets with maximum efficiency."


"Take advantage of the risk free path from 2D to 3D. Create better products, manage your design process, and share data with your extended design team."

OnSite Enterprise

"Keeping your workers connected to the latest, most definitive digital design and mapping information is key to your organization’s success. Develop the right mobile solution with Autodesk® OnSite Enterprise 2.5."

Raster Design

"Use Autodesk® Raster Design to edit, modify, analyze, and enhance raster data so you can integrate maps, scanned documents, and paper drawings, satellite imagery, and aerial photos into your work."

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