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Mechanical 2D and 3D Parametric Design Solution

T-FLEX Parametric CAD unites powerful parametric 3D modeling functionality with the parametric drafting and drawing production toolset. Innovative, professional, and affordable T-FLEX Parametric CAD, Top Systems' mid-range CAD software package, provides breakthrough parametric technology for mechanical design and drafting, combining production-proven Parasolid based solid modeling at an affordable price. T-FLEX is the ideal CAD solution for design engineers moving from 2D drafting to 3D solids-based design. With fully integrated 2D and 3D design functions, T-FLEX Parametric CAD provides a risk-free path to solid modeling design techniques, while getting the most from existing 2D CAD.

T-FLEX CAD´┐Ż 8 is the latest power-packed release from Top Systems, delivering more technology innovations to reduce cost, improve product quality and accelerate your production cycle.

T-FLEX is written for Microsoft Windows 2000 and Windows XP operating systems, and is distributed in several languages to customers around the world.

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